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Watering and Mowing


Throughout the hot, humid Summer months we recommend that you thoroughly soak the turf to allow enough moisture to reach the root system, approx 1 hour per area. Then allow the turf to dry for 2 days, and begin cycle again.

If the temperatures are extremely hot (90 degrees or higher) then soak the lawn 1 hour per area daily until the extreme weather subsides, then return to the previous watering instructions.

In addition, we encourage you to water in the morning and / or early afternoon. This way moisture does not remain on the green turf tissue in the evening and will discourage disease pressure.


Good mowing practices are critical to the appearance of your lawn. If you follow these general guidelines you can increase the health and appearance of your lawn.

  • Make sure your blade is sharp.
  • Cut often enough to remove no more than 1/3 of the grass blade.
  • Mowing height and frequency depends upon many factors. The species of grass, the variety developed, the usage, climate, watering system or not, fertilization, weeds and sometimes disease.
  • TIP:  You may leave clippings if you mow often enough. The grass clippings will recycle nutrients back into the soil and do not contribute to thatch build up.
  • Mowing early in the spring as the grasses get started helps to remove the weeds. This helps cut down on the usage of herbicides. In the cool-season areas, grasses that are affected by fungi sometimes require more frequent mowing to remove the growth and get more air circulating to help prevent or lessen fungal attack.
  • Mowing of heat stressed grass in the middle of the day only promotes more loss of moisture and nutrients unless watering systems are used shortly afterward. Warm season grasses can withstand the shorter mowing if done on a regular schedule.