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Wild Violet

Wild VioletPlant Description: Wild violet is a winter perennial, growing 2 to 5 inches tall. It can have a tap root or a fibrous root system, and also can produce rooting stolons and rhizomes. The leaves can vary but usually are heart shaped, on long petioles with scalloped to shallow rounded margins. The flowers of wild violet range from white to blue to purple and appear from March to June. Wild violet flowers are pansy-like with three lower petals and two lateral petals on long single flower stalks.

Wild VioletWild violets are found throughout the United States, except for the Rocky Mountains. Wild violets are more common where they are sold as ornamental ground covers. Plants can be physically removed by digging. Care must be taken to remove all plant roots to prevent reestablishment. Wild violet control will require a series of post-emergent herbicide applications. For best results, monitor turf closely and make herbicide applications as soon violets reach the two-leaf stage of growth. Herbicide application should provide some control up to the flower stage of growth.Wild Violet